When most people think of a smart home, they think of the products that benefit their everyday lifestyle, from automated window blinds to remotely controlled air conditioning.

At Home Automation Specialist we encourage clients to think about not only the exciting technological advances of smart homes,  but what is going to make their life easier everyday. Then we  design solutions and install smart devices that can help save them time, money and a whole lot of hassle.

By far the most common forms of smart technology currently in Australia are in the leisure and entertainment realm, including smart televisions, multi-room audio systems and speakers,  and the ability to manage everything remotely.

Smart homes need not be limited to this: there are lots of different ways to bring smart technologies into your home to start small and build up the functionality of your smart home, such as installing a device to manage your air con from your office so it’s cool when you get home but you aren’t running the risk of racking up large bills while you aren’t there.

At this stage of technology advancement, the extreme interconnection of integrated devices can bring unprecedented convenience and economy. This means that homes can be designed that address the needs of the humans living within its walls. This makes smart home automation ideal to tackle some of the future environmental and social challenges we have in Australia.

The home is increasingly being positioned as a site through which to deliver the health services required to assist the elderly to live in their home for longer, just at a time when the world reaches its largest ageing population in history.

Smart home products that monitor energy usage have the potential to save consumers money and proactively manage any efficiency dropouts. The installation of home automation can make real savings with clever integrations with other devices in your home by the Home Automation Specialist.

Once upon a time, home security systems were a luxury only for the more wealthy homeowners. Fast forward to today and there are hundreds of products responsible for making home safety accessible and affordable.

By implementing solutions like internet-connected cameras, motion sensors for doors and windows, doors that automatically open when smoke alarms activate and air-quality sensors, home owners can have greater security and control of their home.

With so many DIY products on the market, it is important to make sure you are choosing the right product for your smart home that delivers both functionality and ease of use. The connection protocols used by the technicians at the Home Automation Specialist means that the complexity of your needs are catered for and your security is paramount.

So whether you need to maximise your home security, manage all of your technology in one place, increase your energy efficiency or have remote control of all the technology in your home, the Home Automation Specialist is ready to provide you with your free consultation about how to maximise the potential of your smart home.



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